Thursday, June 07, 2012

Matthew gets his MBA

After 2 years of hard work, Matty graduated from the University of Washington with his Masters in Business.

We are very proud! And even more excited to have our Daddy/Husband back.

(Not the greatest family picture, with me freezing cold and Sam fresh from a short nap)
Ben, Matt and Shauna. A few tears were shed for Jan, who I'm sure would have been so proud of Matty.
Good job, Baby. :)


Colton said...

Good job, Matt. School sucks, so way to get it over with!

Momma J said...

Congrats Matt and a big congrats to you too Holly! It is just as much your day as his, its no small feat for the wives to put their husbands through school. Congrats to you both!

Matt said...

Boom. Nailed it. Nice job Matthew.

Anonymous said...
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