Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Jessie's Song

Every night Sam requests that I read him 2 books (one about the ocean and the other about nocturnal animals) and then sing him Jessie's song from Toy Story. He LOVES this song and has recently begun singing it with me.

Tonight, I got it on video :) Makes a mama cry! He is seriously the sweetest kid ever!


A Saga said...

Hi Holly, my name's Priscilla and I'm from Brazil.
It looks like weird but I feel like I'm part of your family. I've been seen your blog for a long time (and seriously, I don't remember how I found this wonderful blog) but I'm here just to say that I love you beautiful boy Samuel. He is so lovely and when I listened Samuel singing this song I felt so happy and I thought "It's really true. Our Father In Heaven has a Plan for Us and send us gifts like this kid".
Perhaps sorry for comment, sorry for see your story through internet and sorry for have a terrible english =D
Hope have a beautiful family like yours some day!
Xoxo Priscilla

Colton said...

Go for it Priscilla...there aren't enough normal people on the internet. It's not like you're wanting to kidnap him or anything, and what mom doesn't want to hear that her little boy is beautiful and that her blog cheers up other people?

On that note, this made me smile, too. And I don't even know that song. Or you're just singing it so terribly that I don't recognize it ;)

Sam and Brent said...

Stupid pregnancy hormones made me cry. Oh wait, I can't blame those anymore. That video was so sweet! Cute (not really a baby anymore)baby Sam!

Rutt Family said...

Holly, this was darling. what a sweet little boy you have. I love that song.. I might have to start singing it to Ethan :)

The Brown Family said...

aw so adorable. that is the sweetest song. I cried at that part of the movie haha