Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas 2011

Our family was lucky enough to get 3 days of Christmas this year.

On the eve of Christmas Eve, we opened our first gifts to each other, pajamas.

Sam was THRILLED to get Spiderman pj's. He demanded to put them on right away and then asked Daddy to help him touch the ceiling, because apparently that's what Spiderman does.

Then, on the actual Christmas Eve we had dinner and opened presents at my parents house with my little brother, Cory.

He and Sam are good buds. They love to wrestle and play together. Sam was also very excited to have Dundee there, my brothers dog, to play catch with.
After opening presents Sam and Grandma sat down to watch some movies while the rest of us relaxed as well.
Christmas morning came and Sam had a blast opening his stocking goods from Santa and his gifts from Mom and Dad.
Buzz Lightyear!
Matt and Sam got a Circus Waffle maker, so after presents were finished we ate breakfast and got ready for the day.
We arrived at Matt's parents house that afternoon to eat dinner and open more gifts. We were all spoiled, yet again, but I think that Sam mostly just enjoyed ripping the paper off of everything. He opened his own and assisted with everyone else's as well.
Matt's Mom had been fighting a bad infection for weeks, so exhaustion made it really hard for her to enjoy her Christmas. She opened all of her gifts first, and then went back upstairs to lay down. Hopefully next year she will be back to her usual self! Her Chemo treatments are working!
We hope that everyone had as Merry a Christmas as we did!

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