Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Holiday Performances

Last week, we attended my parents' ward Christmas program. My Aunt and Uncle were in town so they joined us to watch my Mom perform the Hula.

She has been taking classes from a lady in her ward and this was the first time showing off what she has learned.

If you ask Sam how he enjoyed the Christmas program, he would probably tell you he loved it. Although I'm not sure he could tell you one thing about it since he was staring at girls the entire time.
He was, however, intrigued when Grandma took the stage. He kept talking about how "She had a pretty flower in her hair!"

After dinner was over, we all headed out to a restaurant where my Dad's Paul McCartney band was playing. Sam LOVES to watch Bub play, and he's always a huge hit with the rest of the fans.

He is always right up front, shakin' his maraca or dancing to the beat.

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Colton said...

I like your new tennis shoe banner! That is cool.

And Sam cracks me up - he just stared at girls the whole time. Looking at those hula pictures made me want to watch Lilo and Stitch.