Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Peter and Linda visit us

Matt's Uncle Peter and Aunt Linda came up from Kona to see baby Audrey and to see the family. Saturday morning they took Courtney and I out to breakfast and then we met up with everyone at the zoo.

Sam was a little sleepy from having to wake up so early so Court let him relax with her on the chair.
This was our conversation at the Komodo Dragon exhibit:
Me: (Talking to another adult) "It's terrifying to me that these animals bite their prey and then follow them until they die from infection. How morbid."
Sam: (Overhearing)"No bite, wizard! NO BITE!"
This is their third Aprecio grand baby!
On Tuesday Peter and Linda came by our house to play with Sam and visit some more.

I talked them in to getting a few pictures taken :)
We love these two and already miss them. Thank you Peter and Linda for everything you do for us.

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Colton said...

Dang those biting wizards.