Monday, September 05, 2011

Daisy lays an egg

Yesterday our friend Colton, who is in town visiting (blog post to come on all of our adventures), noticed that Daisy was acting strange. He explained that her behavior could only mean one thing.

She was ready to pop out an egg.

While the other two girls pecked around the yard Daisy dug away in the coop creating a comfortable nest to lay in. She scratched and panted and struggled to get comfortable. As confused as she must have been, her instincts took over and she carved out a little place for her egg. 

A couple of hours later, Matt found her back in the yard and a little white egg in the newly built nest.

Congratulations Momma Daisy! We are going to celebrate by eating your accomplishment. But don't you worry. There are plenty more where that painfully came from!
Soon enough, Dotty and Doris will experience their chicken fate as well. I can't help but feel a little sorry for my girls since their "pullet-hood" is soon to be, well, scrambled.

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Colton said...

Yay Daisy! That is great. And one of my favorite things to see is a basket of eggs with white and brown ones all mixed in. I'm excited for you.