Monday, September 05, 2011

Colton comes to visit

Colton, who served his mission with Matt, is a good friend of ours who shares the same love of animals and the outdoors as we do.

So we knew we had to take him out to Sequim to feed the animals at the game farm.

We took a ferry out over the Sound.

A seagull doing the Titanic pose...
...and Colton, doing the Titanic pose.

The Olympic Game Farm is a seriously fun experience. But let me tell you a few things before you make the trek.

First, check the Hood Canal Bridge schedule. We were stuck in traffic for a good hour. Good thing we were parked next to blackberry bushes. Yum.

Second, bring WHEAT bread loaves with you to feed to the animals. They never turn down a slice of bread.

Now, be prepared to see some really cute animals. I was about to walk out of there with a new Raccoon friend. How cute are they!?
If you are into photography, bring a wide angle lens. Otherwise all of your images will look something like this:
Be aware that the Bison are HUGE. I mean, seriously large animals. We are in an SUV and he was still towering over us.

The other thing to know about Bison is that they have very intrusive tongues. It also doesn't help that they are 2 feet long and super smelly.
All of the animals love bread. Even the Kodiak Bears. They will actually do tricks on command like wave and snarl.

Beware of the "Special Elk". She leaves flys and slobber behind on your car interior.
If you are anything like my husband and hate to get dirty, or if you are extremely allergic to cervidae saliva, bring rubber gloves.
None of the animals are schooled in manners. Know this. If you are out of bread, do not stop or slow down. The Yak will start chewing on your car if you don't feed them. I warned you.
If you are looking for nicer, less pushy animal, try the Fallow Deer. They are a little more timid that the other game. But the male deer will push away all the babies and females if he's hungry.
Don't expect much excitement out of your 2 year old if you have them drugged up on Tylenol. Sam was fighting a cold, so we gave him a dose and watched him zone out. Oh well.
Have fun! We sure did!


Colton said...

That was so fantastic. Thanks for taking me! I'm happy to be molested by a bison any day of the week. Seriously, great. Also, I'm probably going to steal that titanic picture from you.

Ashley said...

That looks like it was a blast. I cannot believe how big Sam is getting.