Monday, September 05, 2011

Holly's garden notes

I am no pro. This is my first year of gardening but I have learned so much that I thought I should take notes so that I don't forget how to do it all again next year!
ROMA TOMATOESNext Year - 2 plants only. 4 plants took up way too much room and 2 plants gives plenty of fruit. Pinch off suckers from the start!

Use a stronger cage or build a trellis. Plant on the opposite side to keep it from shading the rest of the garden.

SWEET MILLIONS CHERRY TOMATOESNext year - Same notes as Roma's. These tomatoes are to die for! They are so sweet and so juicy. Must plant every year.

ROMAINE LETTUCEThis year - Matt didn't like the texture and I planted too much for our small family. Next year - Try another breed of lettuce. Simpsons? Butter? Cut back when the plants start to take over.

ROSEMARYThis year - 3 plants that are slow growing but strong and fragrant. Next year - Try planting in decorative pots or along fence line. Should do good outside of garden when a little more mature.

WALLA WALLA ONIONSNext year - Either protect with a "spine" or keep chickens away. 25% of my plants were trampled. Harvest when the size is right, usually around 150 days.

SUMMER SQUASHNext year - Fewer plants. These grow large and in charge. Plant on a hill to keep squash from sitting (rotting) in dirt. Keep chickens away. They tend to nibble on the veggies. Pull when approx 1ft long. Doing so will allow other veggies to grow.

ZUCCHININext year - Notes are the same as the squash. Used for "Zucchini Cake" that are delish.

CUCUMBERSThis year - Failed. Next year - Try a trellis or a vine guide.

CARROTSNext Year - Plant further apart and keep chickens away. They get trampled easily. Do not transport plants. Carrots become crooked and oddly shaped. Water dirt before harvesting to keep the root from breaking.

BUSH BEANS Next year - Keep plants protected from Chickens. My bushes were not able to grow because the leaves kept being eaten. Beans were good when harvested. Plant directly into garden.

SOY BEANSThis year - Failed. Next year - Keep protected from chickens.

SILVER ROSE GARLICNext year - Use a "spine" to protect plants. Tend to grow a little weak but bulb is still growing and strong. harvest late fall.

STRAWBERRIESNext year - Do not be fooled by their sweet disposition and good looks! Chickens love Strawberries! Keep protected from all angles. Trim back plant shoots.

BLUEBERRIESNext year - Another fruit that chickens love. Keep covered with netting at all times.

SPINACHNext year - Fewer rows and pull while leaves are still small. Freezing spinach works great for omelettes or cooked spinach.

BASILNext year - Plant in a pot and move through yard throughout the season to follow the sun. Needs more heat and light than the garden is able to provide.

LAVENDERNext year - Plant more! Very hardy and very fragrant. Need to learn how to trim it in the off season though.

DILLThis year - Killed during a transport. Next year - Try planting seeds in an herb garden.

BROCCOLINext year - Don't even bother. The plants are too big to protect from my hungry chickens who apparently, LOVE broccoli.

GRAPE VINENext year - Expect one or two grape bundles. Guide vine to desired shape over both sides of fence.

PUMPKINS This year - Didn't plant in time. Next year - Try planting them around the fence line. Should grow well there.

ARTICHOKE This year - Didn't have room. Next year - Try!
"Covered Wagon" with netting works great to keep chickens and other birds out. Copper slug tape works miracles. Keep it constant around the base of pots and garden bed.

Keep taller plants towards the grape vine section of the garden beds. This will keep them from shading other plants. (dill, tomatoes, squash, etc.)
Fertilize with "Chicken Poo-Tea." So gross, but so rich.
Start composting. Back corner of side yard? Find a inexpensive barrel composter.
Make a walkway to coop and garden using flagstone or bricks. Spay moss growth in between.
Marigolds are pointless and the chickens love to eat them. Bugs were not an issue without the flowers.
Start seeds on soaked paper towel, but be prepared to plant in 72 hours. Sprout you see is actually the root! Don't plant upside down.


Shannon Hunnex said...

you grew SO MUCH!!! holy cow no wonder i never hear from you, that must be a full time job!!! farmer holly hard at work :) i want to come over and eat some of your harvest!

The Grandy's said...

I'm so glad you posted this. My husband and I were debating about whether or not we should build our chicken coop so it opens into the garden area. I won't now! Everyone said they'd leave the garden alone but I guess that's not always true!