Sunday, October 10, 2010

The cherry tree

On Wednesday morning we woke up to a bunch of workers digging out the trees that line the road in front of our house. I asked one of the men what they were doing, and he informed me that most, if not all of the trees were dying from a fungus. When he explained that it was cheaper to plant new ones over spraying them all with "fungus-ide", I asked if I could keep one and try to save it myself. He was more than happy to pick me out a healthy one for our back yard.

The tree is over 5 years old so it was quite a chore to dig a hole big enough for the mature roots let alone carry that thing into the back. But I had help!Sam and I got up early on Thursday and before we got cleaned up for the day, we put on some scrubs and got down and dirty in the mud.
Sam was in little boy heaven. He helped me dig, played with worms, collected rocks and climbed in and out of our newly dug hole.
When we had completed the task of planting our tree, we played in the backyard and then carefully marched ourselves strait into the bathtub.

We had tons of fun getting nice and filthy, and now every time we look out at our tree (that we hope survives!) I will remember the very dirty day I had with Sam.

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