Monday, June 14, 2010

Olympic Game Farm

In celebration of Matt finishing school on Friday (for a little while at least) we took a ferry ride out to Kingston to check out the Olympic Game Farm in Sequim.
They look angry, but we really were happy to be on the Ferry.Sam was so excited about being on the boat that the strong wind and noisy horn didn't phase him too much at all. He loved looking out at the water and talking to the other people on board.When we got to the Peninsula Sam slept while Matt and I took the hour drive along the ocean. It is such a pretty area and we really enjoyed the trip over. We arrived at the Farm just in time to take a driving tour through the park.
I have never experienced anything like this. You coast through animal exhibits with a loaf of wheat bread and open windows.
Sam loved hanging out of the car.As the animals approach your car, you can feed them, pet them and try not to get totally slobbered on.
There were Yaks, Zebras, Deer, Bison, Elks, and Llamas to encounter.
This is our view of the car in front of us. There were times when we had 2 Yaks at each window.
Not to mention all the bunny rabbits bounding around.(which meant that there were tons of Eagles and Hawks as well.)All of these animals were free roaming through the reserve so our car was pretty much a moving snack bar.
The livestock actually had very pretty white teeth. Looks like he's smiling.Sam was very hesitant about the hungry animals, but by the end he start throwing some bread himself.

The most afraid he got was when a Peacock that was roosting on the fence yelled out into our car. It was LOUD. Sam was not impressed.
The park also had a Rhino, Tigers, Bears, Lions, Prairie Dogs, Cougars and Wolves. However, these animals were caged up, but we were still able to throw them bread. One of the Kodiak bears was sitting right next to the fence literally waving to us for food. He was so funny.
My favorite was HANDS DOWN the baby bear. He was so adorable. Only 6 months old. I wouldn't get a picture of him because he was moving around too much, but Sam and I really enjoyed watching him play.

My least favorite animal was the Bison. They were extremely cool to be up next to because they were as big as our SUV. But what I didn't realize was that they have a tongue that they use to grab the food that is AT LEAST A FOOT LONG, BLUE and very STINKY! They brought their giant faces right into the car and then reached around with their thick tongue searching for bread. I, to say the least, was NOT amused. I will admit that I panicked a little but I had no interest in feeding them after I saw that thing. Yuck.
Besides the terrifying bison encounter, we had a really fun time. It was really cool to be able to get so close to a lot of these animals and we are happy that we got to get out and do something as a family. What a fun day trip!


Matt said...

We've been a couple of times - good times for sure, and the kids love it.

Elk saliva all over your car. Wear it like a badge of honor.

It would be nice if they gave the Buffalo a breath mint or two...that could help.

Colton said...

Hahaha! That looks like so much fun! I want to feed a yak!

Shannon Hunnex said...

we used to go when i was a kid!! i love it, grandma patty would laugh so hard she would pee her pants when the buffalo would reach in and lick you hahah so glad you got to go!!

Jessica Kettle said...

so cute!! i loooove the shot of matt and sam sitting in front of the window. so sweet!