Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Buddy

"Wherever I go, he goes." Seattle has had plenty of rain this month, and because of that we have been desperate to get out of the house. On the one day this week that they didn't call for rain Sam and I took a small road trip up to Anacortes, just he and I.

The first thing we did was eat. Sea food should have been the desired meal since we were in an ocean town, but I don't like fish no matter how fresh it is. So we had some yummy Italian instead.

Sam actually enjoyed chewing on the lemon from my Caesar salad. The kid is hilarious even when he isn't trying.After lunch we went to a few antique stores. Real ones. The kind where you can only look and admire the historical pieces. There were some pretty incredible war items. Like a barn door with a canon ball through it and old rusty bayonettes.

When Sam got bored (I guess he isn't as into american history as I am) we headed down to a beach that claimed it was "famous for seal watching."We didn't see a single one. But we did find some cool (small) shark remains, lots of birds and TONS of pretty rocks that were perfect for tossing into the ocean.
We stayed next to the water for a good hour just relaxing and exploring. The water was so calm and we could see the Ferry heading out to the Islands. It took everything in me not to hop on board and cruise over to the San Juans to visit my good friends in the J, K and L pod. I will be going over soon though. Its a must.

Although we were having so much fun, it came time to go. I could tell Sam was tired when he threw a fit after I snatched a rock from his hands that was heading straight for his mouth. The drive home was long, but it was well worth the day that we got to spend together, "my Buddy and me."


Colton said...

Yeah, I'm totally singing that song in my head right now.

In other news, I can't get your worthless husband to tell me what your blogger e-mail address is so that I can invite you to my blog. I was unaware of the fact that I never have. If you want to see it, message me on facebook with your e-mail.

P.S. Don't feel obligated, I just felt like I am such a stalker of you guys and you can't even see my blog yet.

The Cox Trio said...

I'm pretty sure Eli has the same shorts hanging in his closet... Target? :-) I must get together soon, I need my two scoops of Holly

Luke and Marissa said...

Story does the same thing when she is tired. Flips out and cries if I take something from her. Classic. I like all your pics.