Saturday, June 26, 2010

Another day out

Check out my little piece of Hawaii. (Matthew - in no way does this mean that I don't need to go back to the islands. Because I do.)

Grandpa Ben brought this outfit back from Kona when he visited a few weeks ago. We have been waiting for a nice day to sport it and Wednesday was just such a day.

After playing around in the front yard for a bit, we met up with some friends and took a quick trip to the petting zoo in Everett. The boys had a great time playing with the goats, bunnies and baby cows. Sam had fun attempting to feed all of the animals wood chips (that they were not too keen on eating) while I gave as much attention to my goat-fans as possible. You can call me "The Goat Whisperer" because I had an entourage following me around almost the whole time. And its not the first time these animals have randomly flocked to me. My boyfriend in High School made fun of me for this after a trip to the zoo. Its a good thing that I like them as much as they like me :)
When the furry "kids" started to get a little too personal (like sneezing on me and chewing on my hair) we took our human kids down to the beach to play at the ocean. While Tyler munched on some snacks, Sam played with the sea weed. Us girls had a good time out with the boys and we know that they enjoyed it as well. The proof is in the picture:

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Rutt Family said...


You and Sam go on the greatest adventures! If only Ethan and I lived in WA, we would love to go with you! Idaho just doesn't have that many fun things to go visit as WA does.

How are you doing by the way? :)