Monday, May 17, 2010

Sunny days and warm nights

The last few days were perfect. A nice warm 72 degrees and lots of sun with a touch of puffy clouds for character. I loved every moment of it. The only problem with nice days is that I want to be outside which keeps things from getting done inside.

The first thing I did on Wednesday morning was go buy Sam a pool. I brought it home and filled it with luke-warm water from our heated hose, and plopped him in it with a few toys. (actually bowls and cups which are far more entertaining for Sam.) The pool was the best $8 I ever spent. He stayed in there for a good hour, just pouring water in and out of cups and splashing around. When a neighbor would walk by he would yell at them and start to show off.
During play time I was able to weed a little and relax on the porch swing. We both got a good amount of sun and burned a lot of energy on our first "summer-like" day. When Sam was finally finished in the water, he crawled around (wet) in the dirt and up the front steps. He loves knocking on the door so that he can hear the dogs barking. What a ham.
1 hour of pool time equaled 2 hours of a nap which was wonderful for me. I was able to lay out in the yard a little on my own, play with my neglected puppies and get a few things cleaned up. Days like today remind me that summer time is on its way! I couldn't be more excited.

With hot days come warm nights, and Matt and I love to be outside on nights like that. So, we mentioned to a few of our friends that we would be out front roasting marshmallows if any one was interested in stopping by.

We didn't expect such a great turn out since it was a last minute invitation , but our friends are just as spontaneous as we are.
While all the boys played in the yard, Matt passed out home-made elephant ears. (We were watching a discovery channel special on Elephants when Matt announced that he was going to attempt frying up some yummy fair food :) They were a huge hit.
It was a great week for us and I have the weather to thank for it. Bring on the summer! We are so ready for more days and nights like these.


The Cox Trio said...

As always the Cox family had a great time! Thanks for being such wonderful friends!

The Dillon 6 said...


Colton said...

I know that this probably isn't what you thought would be the important part of this post, but did you say that you have a heated hose? That is such a great idea! I want one.