Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day Weekend

After work on Saturday I got to come home and play around outside with my favorite little buddy, Sam. He is 90% a mama's boy, but his other 10% was focused on Daddy and all the fun things he has in the garage. After a few hours of goofing off, we got cleaned up and ready for dinner out at the Met in Seattle. We were celebrating Jan and Shauna's birthdays along with Mother's day for Jan and I. Dinner was wonderful and we had a good time laughing at Sam as he tried to devour a lime. Sunday morning Sam and I got up early, ate breakfast and cleaned the house a bit. There is nothing like celebrating Mother's day by being a mom. :)

Matt spoke at church that afternoon about the importance of mothers and the influence they have on us. It was a great talk.

Then we headed home, took some naps and waited for Grandma and Grandpa Bailey to arrive.
Matt ordered some traditional Hawaiian Lei's for my mom and I to wear for Mother's day.For dinner, Matt cooked up some yummy burgers (on his new grill!) and for dessert we built a fire (with my new pit!) and roasted up some marshmallows while my dad played guitar into the night.
I hope your weekend was as enjoyable as ours. Happy Mother's Day!


The Dillon 6 said...

great weekend!

Happy Mother's Day, Hottie!

Colton said...

Dang, I was hoping that I would get to see a picture of that steak.