Monday, May 03, 2010

Just one day in our life

Woke up this morning at the normal time of 7:30.
Had breakfast with Daddy before he headed out to work.
Took a shower and got dressed in warm clothes.
Took advantage of the windy weather by flying Sam's new kite.
Got tangled up in kite string. Went back inside.
Ate a snack of popcorn and animal crackers with "vulture dogs" waiting below.
Sam Took a small nap.
Loaded up the car and headed out to our 1 year Drs visit.
Enjoyed the waiting room toys.
Enjoyed climbing the table and tearing up the paper in the exam room.
Checked out by the Doctor.
Informed that Sam is low in weight and must start eating more.
Vaccinated by the nurse followed by sobs from Sam and Mommy.
Drove home listening the John Denver. So sue me.
Surprised by Daddy who was home early.
Doctors recommendation noted, and Sam pumped full of turkey sandwich and milk.
Sam took another small nap.
Cranky fits from baby and frustrated "whats?" from Mommy.
Sausage and lasagna for dinner.
Warm bath for pasta covered Sam and stinky dog (Sam in bath, Brim in shower)
Fake cries from Sam after he cant reach the toys he purposefully dropped over the side of tub.Bath tainted by BM.
Rinse and repeat.
PJ's, bottle and bed time.
Today was an easy day. ;)


The Dillon 6 said...

repeat again and again and again and again. ;)

Colton said...

Using a fishing pole to fly a kite is the greatest idea ever. Plus it gives you an excuse to buy a new fishing pole. Or in your case, probably ANY fishing pole.