Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Caught red handed

Or red "pawed", if you will.

When Brimley turned 2 years old in January, we decided to let him have full access of the down stairs while we were out of the house. Today has totally changed our minds. He will be back in his kennel for at least another 6 months.
Yes, that is RED LIPSTICK all over him, and all over our carpet. I Googled some cleaning ideas and I will be attempting them tonight.
Stupid dog.
I also love that he did this THE DAY AFTER A BATH!


Crawford's Corner's said...

I know this might sound weird...but try Murphy's Oil...yes oil. It works on getting red lip stick out, well really ANY stain out! I live with this stuff everywhere in my house. I had a grape juice stain on white carpet...got it right out! I was amazed!!! (my mother in law has used it for 25 years on any stain.) Put some on a damp rag and gentle rub the stain, then take another damp rag and wipe it off. Continue until stain is out. It will evn work on your dog.You can get murphy oil at Walmart of $3.00. GOOD LUCK!

The Dillon 6 said...

but he looks so PRETTY! ;)

Shadow is a bad, naughty dog. I would give her away, but I think the kids would cry. I really should take her back to training...but I'm too lazy.

Hope the carpet comes clean!!

Colton said...

Haha...his expression is priceless. He is clearly aware that he is in big trouble.