Monday, April 26, 2010

NICU Reunion

Saturday morning we headed into Everett to attend the annual "March of Dimes" walk along with Providence's NICU Reunion in honor of all the babies born into intensive care within the last year. We were so excited to see our Doctor and a few of the nurses that cared for Sam after he was born.
Us with Dr. Neufeild.Sam and Cassandra.Although I wasn't prepared for the emotional aspect of visiting with the people who worked Sam's case, it was so rewarding. Looking around at some of the other babies we realize how lucky we are to have been able to walk out of that hospital with a perfectly healthy baby.

And for some reason that healthy boy is extremely afraid of giant Twinkies. No matter where we were in the park that day, Sam kept an eye on it to make sure it didn't do anything unannounced. For the record: He is also afraid of the Red Robin bird.

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Colton said...

Hey, I went to that, too! Except in Florida they no longer call it "March of Dimes", but rather the "March for Babies". I think it is really weird. I was envisioning a bunch of toddlers in military formation carrying torches and pitchforks.