Sunday, April 04, 2010

A horse of course

A few weeks ago Sam accompanied me to the barn for a photo shoot. This would be his first time ever seeing a horse and he was very hesitant about it to say the least.
Uncle Tyler helped with Sam while I played around with Shannon and her pony, Decker.
When it was time to leave we fed the horses treats and played around in the barn. At this point Sam was a little less nervous, but still squeezed the person who was holding him. Its so much fun to see him experience things for his first time. I cant wait for him to be able to TELL me what he thinks about stuff like this!

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Colton said...

That is great! I wonder what I thought when I first saw a horse. Actually, I was probably too young to even realize I was next to a giant animal. Or maybe I was still a fetus. Probably.