Saturday, February 27, 2010

random thoughts

I should really be trying to sleep off this lingering cold, but I feel the need the ramble.

Has anyone seen the adds on TV for this up and coming show?
Can you say, the spirit of Elijah? Seriously! How cool is this?
Malachi 4:5-6 "Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord. And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse.

I will definitely be watching this.

Rented and watched this movie with Courtney today.
I loved every minute of it. So cute. I highly recommend it to anyone.

I stayed the night with Courtney while her roommate basked in the rain storms on the Oregon Coast (I hope that you had fun anyway Kelly!). This morning I used expensive shampoo/conditioner. I own cheap stuff. I will bite the bullet and pay for the good stuff from now on. I loved my hair today :)
I also loved waking up to the Seattle skyline. It was so pretty this morning at sunrise...and I totally forgot my camera. smooth.

3 times this week I have spoken to friends regarding labor. All 3 times I have been told that I am crazy for thinking it was "awesome." I do mean it though. I LOVED being in labor. Maybe it was that I had waited so long to finally have a baby, or that I was being waited on hand and foot like a queen, or that I was proving to myself that I was a lot stronger than I ever thought that I could be. I really don't know why. But I am very emotional when I think about how I will never experience it again. I'm sure many women would love to forgo the painful contractions and the vomiting, but I want it again so badly. Because of the complications that come with having babies with NAIT, I will need to have C-Sections from here on out, and that scares me a lot.
However, I know it will all be worth it....and while flipping through my pictures looking for that shot of Sam and I, I found this gem.HA! This makes me laugh so hard! For the record, I am not in any pain. I am just really disgusted at the catheter in my arm. I think the next time I start feeling sad about not experiencing labor again, Ill look at this picture and say "At least I wont look like that!!"

OK, on a lighter note I am very happy. Especially right now. Sam is sleeping in our bed, and there is nothing sweeter than tiny babies in big beds, while Matt is out with the boys watching fights. I spent the night away and when I came home, Sam was ecstatic to see me. It melted my heart. He is such a fun spirit. I am very thankful for him and his daddy who took over parenting duties while I rested peacefully in Seattle.
One more thing. Help me out. I need a bag. Yes, need. Which one do you think is most like "me"? They are reversible which I love but I am having the hardest time deciding between:
This one...That reverses to this:Or this one that goes to...this: (yes, that's an owl!)Or this one. Which is so cute on its own, it doesn't feel the need to morph into another fabric.Whats your pick?

I appreciate the help!
This is Sleepy Mom, sighing off.


Kickin' it Landis said...

OK, so where are those bags from?? I absolutly love them! I definetly 'need' a new bag now. Let me know.
Heather Landis

Colton said...

I just went immediately to netflix to look for that movie, and it was already in my queue. Huh.

P.S. My opinion doesn't really matter about the bags. But I would go with the first one. It has a deer on it! I wish I had a tie with that pattern.

The Dillon 6 said...

i vote for the owl bag.

and i think you are brave to post that picture of you in labor. I would have done horrible things to doug in his sleep had he taken any pictures of me in labor. It was part of our birthing plan. ;)

Hang in there, kiddo. Believe in miracles.

The Cox Trio said...

Oh Holly, what a random post! You crack my pants off, guess that's why we're friends. My vote for the bag is the first one... are these the ones from Etsy?

Alix said...

Hello Holly,
I appreciate your rambling post. I do that too. And although all three bags are so awesome, I prefer bag #1 or bag #3. #1 because it has great colors and a great patter and #3 because it has a bird on it and I mean, you really can't go wrong with birds.

Stepper the Mighty said...

We also loved Paper Heart.

I am sorry about the C-Section thing. Having done both - I can wholly empathize with the awesomeness of natural labor/delivery vs. c-section. There is something powerful and beautiful about it. Kinda makes me feel bad for the men folk. but only kinda.

However - I can also say that C-Sections aren't that bad.


Your son is absolutely beautiful. And so are you - even with the disgusted face. :)

merideth said...

2nd bag for sure!!

Bart and Jill said...

The 1st or the 3rd bag are my pick for you! :)

And don't worry, you are not the ONLY one who loved your birth. I did too :) I loved mine so much and feel the same way when it comes to telling people about it. Everyone hates theirs... I think about my next birth ALL the time because I am so excited for the to experience it all over again. I'm so sad that you cannot have another vaginal birth...

Sam is beautiful as always. Good luck with the bag choice!

Sarah Pugmire said...

Ok, I just wanted to say, that I CAN'T BELIEVE HE PICKED VIENNA!!!!