Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Our Valentines day

Matthew and I celebrated the holiday on Friday so that we could get a baby sitter and dinner reservations.

Matt planned it all out and kept it a secret up until the night of.

First we literally ran into Seattle to see Avatar (finally) and although we had to sit in the very front of the IMAX theater, it was a great movie. Matt cant stop talking about it, and we plan to see it again.
We had dinner afterwards at (you guessed it) our favorite Italian restaurant, Lombardi's where we sat next to a couple that was arguing and fighting about their marriage. So romantic. Dinner was yummy anyway.

Cake from "Simply Desserts" was devoured and we headed back to my parents to pick up Sammy who stayed with Grandma Bailey while we painted the town.

Thanks Matty for a wonderful night, and here is to many more Valentines days together!

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