Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dear Grandma Bailey,

We know that you will miss us while you are in Arizona this week so here are tons of pictures of your favorite little guy to help you get through it.

Getting out of the bath tub.Playing in his toy boxes.
Being silly, as always.Teething. Waiting for those top two to finally arrive.Resting on daddy with some spiky hair.
Making funny faces.
Mommy and Sammy.Wearing short sleeves in February!Sam's new shoes making an earlier appearance than expected.Playing in the grass.Soaking up some rays.
Now we know that you wont forget how cute he is while you are visiting sweet new babies like Madelyn (congrats Chad and Steph!) and Mitchell and all the rest of the family. Have a safe trip!


Rutt Family said...

Such cute pictures of Sam!
Ethan has that green sweatshirt from Children's place.. i love it!
Where did you get your toy boxes?? I have been looking for some.

Colton said...

I like the funny face one the best.

Alix said...

I seriously think he is so adorable. I can't get over it! I love those pictures!

Linda and Dave Browne said...

Holly~ He is absolutely darling! I don't stalk much anymore, but I do love to see his latest pictures!