Sunday, September 27, 2009

Terror on Comstock Dr.

This weekend, on my way to pick up Courtney for a spa day, the power went off on Queen Anne hill WHILE I WAS IN THE ELEVATOR thus trapping me ALONE for 50 MINUTES IN THE DARK!! I am already weary when it comes to riding elevators but now my fears have been solidified!

Luckily I was able to talk to Tammy, Courtney's over night interpreter through the elevator door. She laughed with me, and called around trying to find someone to help out. I was also able to talk to my Dad the architect on my cell phone who explained to me the brake system of an elevator and how I wasn't going to plummet to my death because of it.

Almost an hour and FOUR firemen later (none of whom were attractive!) I was set free.

Seriously, from now on I use the stairs.


The Dillon 6 said...

holy crow! I am SO sorry!!! I got caught for over 2 hours in an elevator once...the hotel elevator just stopped -- and we were trapped between floors, banging, hollering, and trying (without luck) to use the elevator phone to get help. FINALLY someone came and rescued us. :(

My other elevator story...I was always nervous to go up in the skyscrapers ~ it's why I never ended up on the observation deck of the Twin Towers. But once I was with friends in the Empire State Building...totally nervous about the elevator. After letting 3 other groups go ahead of us as we were leaving, my friends convinced me to get on the elevator. We started down, and I finally started to relax when BUUUUUZZZZZZZZZ -- the elevator alarm started going off. I absoloutely stopped breathing, and I'm fairly certain my heart stopped, too. Then the elevator guy leaned over and said, "Hey -- you're leaning on the alarm button!" Believe me when I say that humiliated was too light a word. ;)

Colton said...

I used to live on the 16th floor of this building in Lethbridge and we would make the elevator break down all the time. We just jumped up and down as it rose until the emergency brakes went off. Then we would pry open the doors and jump out between floors like they did in the movies. Talk about stupid. We thought we were so smart after we figured out how to pry the doors open.

Sabs said...

oh man what a crazy story! glad you're ok. I didn't have a fear of elevators before but i think i may be developing one now!

Lindsey said...

BIGGEST fear of my life. You deserve to be on oprah. Also, i am SUPER sorry that the firemen were dogs. I think it should be a requirement by law that if you wear the uniform, you must be ripping with muscles and smokin hot.