Tuesday, September 22, 2009

5 months

Sam turns 5 months this week, and we are so amazed at our little boy! He is truly a miracle, and we couldn't be more thankful for him.

We waited 2 years for Sam to join our family, and not a day goes by that I don't think about all that we went through to get him here. It was a long hard trial for us, but it couldn't have been more worth it.

Then to have him come into this world with some trials of his own was so challenging for us as his parents. To watch him suffer through tests and transfusions and to not be able to hold and comfort him was THE most difficult thing I have ever had to go through. Our families and friends prayed and fasted night and day for Sam, and I know that those prayers were answered.

I would really like to share how much our testimonies grew through the first month of Sam's life. I have honestly been writing this post for 5 months now.

First off, I have a firm belief that I was guided through my 48 hour labor and delivery to make it possible for Samuel to live. So much could have gone wrong not knowing that he had low blood platelets that would have been completely normal for any other baby to go through. Something told me not to take the morphine that the nurse recommended which would have made my labor longer in the end, and I knew that I had to push him out on my own so that an extractor would not have to have been used. If either of these things had occurred to Sam, he may not be here today.

Sam was put into the NICU for an unknown blood disorder an hour after his birth. So many tests were performed, and tons of questions were asked but still we were in the dark regarding his health. Sam was not improving on his own, and he was given 4 transfusions that were unsuccessful. Then on Wednesday, 4 days after his birth, Matthew and my Dad gave Sam a healing blessing and asked Heavenly Father to help not only our child get healthy, but to guide the Doctors to the answers that were needed to assist in his recovery.

The next morning, Sam's platelets raised on their own. His biliruben lowered and he ate the ideal amount from his bottle. The reason for his health concerns were discovered in a blood test that was given to Matt and I. That night we were able to join in with the other happy families leaving the hospital with their newborns.

Call it a coincidence or irony but we know that Sam was given the strength he needed to stay on this earth by a God who loves him, and our family. We all learned so much about faith and the importance of prayer through this trial and its something I will remember forever.

As if we don't say it enough, we are so thankful for Sam in our lives. We are so humbled by his purity and we could have never imagined the love that we have for him today. It helps me understand the love that God had for his son Jesus Christ and for us, his children. I know that God lives and that he heals each of us if we have faith. Sam wouldn't be here today if this wasn't true.

Thank you to everyone that prayed for our family, and that continue to do so. We are celebrating 5 months (and more) because of those prayers!

And since our "miracle" is as cute as they come, here are tons of pictures of him and his daddy.


Loni said...

That is so so sweet. I am sure Sam will look back on that in the future (what you just wrote) and he will not only know how much his mommy loves him, but his Heavenly Father too. You are such a great mom. And Sam is the cutest.

car-dee101 said...

I seriously...ALMOST ate him up. DARLING little boy!! DARLING!! It was SOO great to see you:) and to meet him. I LOVE HIS LITTLE FACE!!
Kinda alot...actually:)

Karen said...

So I'm a total blog stalker. I found our blog through Kham's and started reading it because Shauna had told me that we were due around the same time, maybe even the same day. Anyway I just have to say that I love your pictures of Sam! He is so cute and you can just tell that he is such a happy baby.

The Cox Trio said...

We're glad Sam is here and is healthy! He's growing up all too quickly!

Stef said...

He is so dang cute! Your such a wonderful mom!

Nick and Tiffany said...

So I totally just cried. Sam is such an adorable and amazing little boy; and you truly inspire me :) I'm so glad everything has worked out for your family. We love you guys tons!

Colton said...

That was pretty special, I'm glad that you decided to share it. And I'm super happy for you guys!