Saturday, September 05, 2009

The Evergreen State Fair

Oh, the things we did at the fair this year.

We tried weird food. Here is Eric eating chocolate covered bacon and yes, that's a chicken burger with glazed doughnut buns.
We were silly adults.
We played with funny cut-outs.We watched and played with all the animals. We met up with old friends, and overdosed on cotton candy. Some of us rode rides to the point of being sick. And we all had tons of fun!


Chelsey said...

Hi Holly..

you dont know me.. but I used to live in Seattle and was really good friends with Shauna -your sis in law :) Can you pass on a message for me? Tell her the cheese says hi- you have to say it this way! HA! She'll understand. Tell her I miss her!

Also I have been following your blog forever and I must say you have the cutest family and Sam is just adorable!! That hair- I LOVE it!!

I am so jealous you get to live in the beautiful state of WA! I love your posts.. makes me feel like I am at home :)

The Dillon 6 said...

what a great evening. I can't believe the weird fair-food! I love bacon - and chocolate is pretty great. But I can't imagine them together! :)