Tuesday, July 07, 2009

2 months

Samuel had his 2 month doctors appointment last week. I DREAD these visits, even though I know they are so important. I just hate watching him get poked. This time he got 3 vaccines, one in each leg and then one orally. The nurse came in and explained that babies hated the taste and cold temperature of the oral vaccine almost as much as the intradermal ones. However, Sam found so much joy out of sucking down the liquid that the nurse and I could not stop laughing.But his happiness was soon interrupted by the sudden pokes in his thigh, followed by another blood draw, this time in his arm. Poor guy. Am I the only mother who cries just as much watching her baby get needles as I would if it was being done to me? I feel so bad for him. He has had way too many bad experiences for such a happy guy. I just can not handle this sad face! (I promise that I held and comforted him as soon as I was allowed.)Luckily, babies soon forget. Its too bad I don't.

Sam is now 12lbs, 22.5" long, with a head circ. in the 78th percentile. (No wonder it took me 2 hours to push him out!) He is growing very strong and healthy, and his platelets are now at 490k.

We are having the time of our lives raising Sammy. He is laughing and baby talking now, and can roll over onto his right side. He smiles at everyone, and is perfectly happy most of the day. We are so lucky that he is so good. He is nursing constantly now, and is starting to sleep better at night.

We are spending a lot of time with our family. Sam got to spend all of Friday with his Grandma Bailey, and Sunday afternoon with his Grandma and Grandpa Aprecio. Then we were surprised to hear that Grandpa Bailey was coming up Monday for a visit as well. Sam loves his Grandparents and I don't blame him. They all spoil him silly!

Nana Jan. Her dogs get so jealous of the attention that Sam gets from her when we are around.Sam's middle name is Benjamin, after his Grandpa Aprecio. Sam's receding hairline is obviously not from Ben.He gets that mane from his Grandpa Bailey. And, as you can see here, he also inherited his eyes.Our little Egghead.

Sam loves to smile at his Daddy.
The End!


Colton said...

I don't know if you spent hours on this or not, but this post is amazing.

I cannot handle that sad picture of Sammy. Seriously. But I love the glasses.

Matt called me today, it was good to hear his voice. Its been a long time.

I just realized that I have only actually met you once. It seems like we know each other better than that. Weird.

Michaela said...

Sam is so photogenic! I love the pictures that you take of him! I hate going to the doctor appts too, it's never fun to see your baby cry.
Are you guys going to Entiat this weekend? We are...we may just be insane to be taking a 5 week old! Haha!

The Dillon 6 said...

so cute, Hottie!! He's just plain adorable.

Bart and Jill said...

I love that last photo!

The Cox Trio said...

I finally looked at Eli's health records. At two months he weighed 11bls 4 oz, had a head circumference of 15 3/8" (25%) and was 22 1/2" long. Looks like Sam is on track to be a big dude! :-)