Monday, September 24, 2007

Special Olympics-Bowling

Every Saturday morning, Courtney and I head out to Kenmore Lanes for bowling. The league starts in August and ends in February, and it is fun to see everyone improve over that time. Courtney and I have been in the same lane for 3 years in a row, so we have gotten to know the people that we play with very well. Courtney's best friend these past few years has been Briauna. She is such a fun girl, and Courtney and her are always giving eachother hugs and high fives. Its so fun to watch them together. Briauna has a little brother named Dominique that comes and helps us hold the ramp :)

Courtney beat her all time record this year bowling a 152. She was so excited, she went home and emailed everyone. I don't blame her, I can hardly get past 100 when I bowl!!


TheDillon6 said...

that's awesome, Hottie! Do you know how one goes about participating in the Special Olympics? I'm thinking my sister could really benefit from something like that...

Colton said...

I seriously stink at bowling. I need a ramp, I think.

And I love your pictures. I want a new camera so badly. Would you recommend your Canon? If you could go back would you get a different one?