Sunday, June 08, 2014

May Happenings

Whoa. May was crazy. Which is why I haven't updated the blog since April. 

We have all been good. Miles and Sam are growing so big and we are loving every moment with our boys. 
 These boys are so great together. Sam is obsessed with his little brother and Miles adores Sam. It makes my heart very happy. 
 Miles has been a drooling, teething, snotty mess for over a month now and STILL NO TEETH. But, he's a good sport and still laughs and smiles despite the pain.
 Summer is here! We are loving our days with friends, at the beach and laying in the yard. 
 Beach baby!
 Sam, Miles and I met a few friends at the zoo and had a great day. Miles is such a sport when we do day trips, I love having such a chill baby to explore with!
 Oh man, this smile is THE BEST. Seriously, he has the greatest grin. 
 Mothers Day! We spent the day with my family enjoying the nice weather and the crazy boys.
 This kid, although a very serious soul, can be pretty goofy! He is coming out of his shell and starting to enjoy making us laugh. 
 Me and the boys spend every moment we can outdoors. I've had lots of work to do in the yard, so these boys hang out and explore while I get things done. 
 While Miles is content sitting and watching big brother, Sam is busy collecting snails, potato bugs and worms. 
 The boys and I took a day trip to the aquarium. We had a great time together and can't wait for more adventures like this!
 The dogs are very good with the baby, even though he is now crawling and pulling out their hair. I think they tolerate it because that baby is pretty nice about sharing his food. 
 Mymy never falls asleep or cuddles with me but does so with Daddy every day. Yes, Im jealous. But I get a lot of joy out of watching these two together. 
Sam graduated Pre-School! We loved our class and teacher and although we are sad to move on, we are excited to see what Kindergarten has in store for our big kid!
 The weather continues to improve and we have been able to enjoy some outdoor BBQ's with friends. 
 Brimley and Darla. These two could not be sweeter animals!
 I was able to witness FOUR baby's births this last week. Which was crazy, but also so amazing. 
 Wedding season is picking up which means that my weekends are busy. I love my job a lot, but I do miss down time. 

We have so many amazing trips and adventures planned for this summer, and I can't wait to share more with you! My goal is to be better at updating, even the little things.

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Colton said...

I love that picture of Sam with the seal. Their matching expressions are perfect.

Your baby chicks are getting huge!