Sunday, April 27, 2014

A Pirate Party

Sam is officially a 5 year old. Whoa. He and I had the greatest time planning his pirate party, and and even greater time attending it.
Sam insisted on a piñata. Luckily everyone survived the beating. 
 I was WAY too lazy to do a fancy cake this year. Thanks to Safeway, the kid was just as happy (if not happier) with cheap decorated cupcakes.
 Grandma bought Sammy this ship kit and Sam loved making it for his party decorations.
 Party favors! Eye patches (Target) and gold coins (Party City)
So, I made a game. I cut out card stock clocks and painted a Crock to toss the clocks into. MAJOR FAIL. Matty and I tried the game the night before, and it was impossible. So we tried to find another item to toss during the party, but it was just not working out. Boo. Lesson learned: Make the hole bigger and buy bean bags. 
 Tattoos. Every pirate needs one. Or two. Or if you're Sam, you need a sleeve. 
 Impromptu balloon stomp game because these kids wanted activities. And I planned only a few. Whoops. 
 The Piñata. Finally something that worked out great and everyone enjoyed. 
 Sam seriously scored when gifts were involved. Makes us so thankful for his awesome friends who know this silly kid so well! (And obviously this is his FIRST baseball mit. Hence the error in wear)
 See, I told ya, he's silly. 
 Although all things didn't work out as planned, this kid had the time of his life and thats really all that counts. 



Dustin said...

There's so much awesome going on here! Arrrrrrr!!!

Colton said...

Geez. Sam isn't a baby anymore.