Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Eight Months

I have failed miserably at updating the blog on Miles every month. Its something I did with Sam, and I need to remember to do it with Mymy too!

Miles is growing fast. He has become such a happy baby and loves the freedom that he has acquired with his new crawling skills. 
 He can reach everything and anything and it all goes straight into the mouth. So may days are filled with baby proofing and watching this kid like a hawk. 
Mymy loves the outdoors and spends a lot of time hanging out at the back porch watching the chickens. 
 He finally has two teeth, and I believe that he is in the process of cutting a few more. 
 He is pulling himself up on everything but occasionally gets stuck in the standing position.
 Could you resist a kiss from that face?! I absolutely can NOT!!
Miles is the king of drool. So we have nicknamed him "Hooch". From the movie Turner and Hooch. Like a slug leaves a slimy trail, so does this kid on the hardwood floors. 
 Miles loves to follow Sam around and play with whatever he has. He's also very intrigued with the dogs and has started giving them food at meal time. They love him. 
 Mobility has actually been a good thing for us. Miles is constantly on the go and is a very busy boy. Crawling has helped him find things to do so that I am not constantly changing toys and activities for him to do. 
Miles is such a sweet and fun boy and we are so in love with him. He may not have my skin color, or my eyes, but he has my heart completely!!!

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