Thursday, April 03, 2014

The big 6

Miles turned 6 months old yesterday! We are loving this stage and all the fun times this little man brings into our lives.

Miles is officially a sitter and loves to sit and play with toys and balls. He is just barely starting to get up on his hands and knees but doesn't show much interest in crawling yet, which we are totally okay with :)

This kid eats EVERYTHING. He is already starting to eat crackers and pieces of fruit even though he doesn't have any teeth yet. Miles loves food and gets very excited at the sight of it.

Sam, music, roughhousing, the chickens and getting naked are just below food on his list of favorite things. He is only now starting to enjoy baths, toys and reading books.

"Mymy" is finally starting to get his hair back and his little curls are amazing! We call them his "hover curls" because they sit just above his scalp. He only has a few right now but his hair is growing quickly.

LIPS! Miles is constantly complimented on his perfect lips and we will tell you right now, they are VERY kissable.

We have a doctors appointment coming up next week that will tell us exactly how much Miles weighs, but I can tell you right now this boy is heavy. REALLY heavy. We have already quit trying to haul him around in his car seat, and although he's not very long, he is a very broad and sturdy little boy.

Miles is the best sleeper at night, and the worst sleeper during the day, but we can't have it all, can we :) He is still sleeping on his tummy, even though he knows how to roll over. He wakes up such a happy baby, and mornings with him are my favorite.

We will never get over how lucky we are to have Miles in our family. He is just perfect. We love him so much and love watching him grow and learn.

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