Monday, March 17, 2014

These days, according to Instagram

The days are getting longer and lighter. We are packing every moment full, it seems. 

Sam is growing so tall and learning so much. He is doing great at school and continues to be the sweetest kid. It breaks my heart when he says "I want to be 5, and then not grow up any more." Wish I could grant that because it's something I want too. 

His growth spurts are intense. Random melt downs followed by narcolepsy. The hormones must be a'flowin. 
 I feel as though we are still recovering from the loss of Doris, especially Dotty. She and "Big D" were always together roaming the yard, so its sad to see her alone in their favorite spots. And Daisy, who doesn't seem too bothered by the missing sister, will go do her own thing, leaving Dot to cry and cluck at the back door. Hopefully she'll be happy when we introduce the new girls.
 Miles. Our "Little Big", as Sam calls him. He is busy these days putting everything into his mouth and laughing at brother and the dogs. He is finally beginning to laugh and smile and it's just the best thing ever.
 Sam has made the best big brother ever. He seriously enjoys making Miles smile and spends a lot of time showing off his toys and things to his little brother. Miles loves the attention, and I love witnessing the special moments between these two. And the break. Not gonna lie. Its possible I take advantage of Sam's entertaining to get some things done.
 We have had a few sunny days here and there and use every opportunity that I can to get outside with the boys. Luckily, they love the outdoors as much as I do. Bring on summer!
 I can not stress enough how much I love these two together. I thought that the age difference would be an issue, but everything has been perfect. I wouldn't want it any other way.
 You either think these two are the cutest brothers ever, or you're wrong. So that's that.
 From day one, Sam was a mommys boy. So I LOVE that Miles is a major Daddy's boy and that these two really enjoy their time together.
 How did I get two seriously cuddly little boys!? I feel so lucky. As hard as it is to get anything accomplished with two cuties fighting over my attention, I absorb the love.
 Matt's favorite thing…. is NOT hiking.  But me and the littles love it. So he puts up with our obsession and takes us to check out a trail head that we will hopefully be attempting this weekend. After he and Sammy shared a moment peeing simultaneously in the woods, he and Miles had this sweet moment. What a great daddy :)
 The pups have done very well with all the changes that have occurred with bringing a baby home. However, I feel like Brisbane has aged a lot in the last few months, possibly due to the late nights and busy days. She is still my shadow, but doesn't keep up quite as well. It's so hard watching them get old.
 Our new chicks, Darla and Dixie! These two are funny little birds and have very different personalities. We hope that they will get along well with the "big girls" and are hoping to introduce them soon, once the weather improves.

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Colton said...

How fun! That was a nice glimpse of your lives. I'm glad that Matt submits to hiking. I should take my wife hiking sometime soon.