Tuesday, March 04, 2014

5 months old

Our little boy is getting so big! He's over 16lbs, eating constantly and learning so much every day. 

He is grabbing everything and loves to taste it all. Even dog hair. Yuck. Miles has started eating solids and enjoys apples, bananas, pears, prunes, sweat potatoes and carrots.

Miles is a very serious soul. His smiles are seen often, but his laugh is a rare occurrence. He loves his family, especially Sam. He is happiest when he can sit and watch big brother. 

This baby is LOUD! He is exercising his vocal cords and is learning to make lots of new noises. We think he'll be an early talker. 

Mymy has been sleeping through the night since 6 weeks (which we LOVE) but he is a short napper (which is hard). He loves to rest in his swing and sleeps on his tummy at night. We have a bouncer for him that hangs in the door way and we still laugh at how crazy he gets in it. 

Miles can sit up on his own, roll over and make kissing noises. We think he's pretty cool. He is such a sweet little boy and we love watching him change and grow. 

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Colton said...

I'd like to meet him sometime. Want to come to Portland at the end of May? I have a conference there, and Laura is going to be with me.