Sunday, November 18, 2012


I love how convenient phone cameras are. Obviously. Since that's all I use anymore to document our lives. It's worth something, right?

Here are a few things we have been up to lately.

Lots of naps. Sam and I have been passing colds back and forth and it has really worn us out. We are excited for this season to come to an end.
 Getting ready for Thanksgiving. Sam has been prepping in the way of arts and crafts at school while Matt and I work on getting the house and kitchen ready for our family. I can't wait to finally eat some turkey.
 Bonding. Sam and I are such good buddies. I hope this never ends. Bff's forever! If that means I have to start pretending to love wresting and poop jokes, so be it.
 This cat. Princess is pretty much MIA all summer long and then when the cold and wet arrives she pretends like she loves us again just for the warmth and attention. I totally fall for it. "She's been so sweet lately!" Duped.
 So many pills....good riddance sick!
 Wigs and dogs. Is there a more hilarious combination? This is Brimely as Ron Burgundog.
 Chickens. They love them some corn and pretty much anything else we throw out there for them to eat. It makes me feel accomplished to see them fattening up. No we are not going to eat them.
 Yes, those are tiger babies. Feel free to cry over their cuteness. We did.
This is a common scene in our home. Sam playing quietly in his room with the dogs standing guard. Occasionally they become mountains, villains or scary wolves. They don't seem to mind.
 Grandparents day at pre-school. Sam had a blast with Bub, Grandma and Papa. He's kind of a big deal.

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Colton said...

I generally love cellphone posts, they seem the most real. This was just such a genuine glance at your life that I can't help but laugh and smile and wish that I were there.