Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Our sweet girl Brisbane turned 10 years old today. Isn't that like 70 in dog years!? Geez, geriatric!

(For those of you who are NOT dog people, go ahead and skip this post because its about to get really mushy and crazy. As a matter of fact, probably best that you just ignore this blog entirely because I post a lot about my puppies.) 

Now that the weirdo dog haters are gone, back to the good stuff. ;)

I can not imagine our family without Bizy. She is such a loving and loyal dog. From day one, we were attached at the hip and although it can be pretty annoying at times to always have a dog at my feet, Im glad to have such a great companion. 

She has surprised us with how much she loves Sam. She isn't the most social dog and is not the biggest fan of children but she is so patient with him.  
 Briz is one nervous dog! She is very high strung and afraid of the weirdest things. But, she has really calmed down in the last few years. It may just be from her old age, but I think that she has picked up a few good habits from her best friend, Brimley. 

They are so close. Brimley and Brisbane are good pals. They wrestle and play every morning and sleep near each other every night. It's so sweet to see them together. 
 Brisbane, despite her age is a very healthy, energetic dog. We are so lucky that she hasn't had any major health issues. It's hard to see them age and it breaks my heart that she can no longer make it up on the bed to cuddle with me at night, but Happy Birthday to Bizy anyway!!!

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Colton said...

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that the chances are not very good that any of your friends hate dogs so vehemently. Except me. And actually, that's not true, I just don't really like dog hair. Or poop. Or noises. So maybe if I could have a bald, mute, photosynthetic dog, I would be cool with that. Although I can tell from personal experience that Briz is a pretty fun dog.