Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Garden: FAIL

Last summer (my first year gardening) was awesome. We practically lived off of our backyard. Fresh eggs for breakfast and delicious salads for dinner!

Because everything grew so out of control in the two beds that I had, I ended up building 2 more in the side yard this year. It was a lot of work but I figured that I could definitely use the extra space for some new and exciting plants. 

I started early and felt prepared for the summer ahead. I planted seeds when the weather got warm I and spent a lot of time back there treating my garden with as much care and attention as I did last year. 

But something must have been different. 


I feel like such a failure. everything that could have gone wrong seemed to happen this year. Not to mention, we had A LOT of sunshine which should have made for a great harvest. But we were left with practically nothing and no explanation as to way :(
My mint, which despite all the issues in the garden, grew well and looks as though it will make it through the winter.
My one and only edible cucumber. LAME.  
One of the veggies we are most excited about every year is the broccoli and cauliflower. They were completely ravaged by insects. Last year they were eaten by the chickens so we have yet to taste fresh greens from this plant.

The biggest issue last year were my chicken girls. They love all things green and yummy. Imagine that. I put all of their favorite foods into netting this year but they are smarter than they look.

They are a lot like Velociraptors, they check for weaknesses in the fencing...and they find it. It only took 1 hour before they were able to destroy all my strawberries, peppers, kale and green been plants. And I mean DESTROYED.
My tomatoes were growing beautifully when a horrible wind storm blew them over. Now all the leaves are starting to brown due to the frost we are getting overnight. Its so depressing.
We had a ton of green beans and peas early on, two things that we don't eat a lot of in this house. It's also looking like we may get some squash out of this years harvest, but nothing compared to last summer. I would love to say I learned a lot from my mistakes, but I just can't figure out what the difference was! Ill absolutely try again next year, but if I have another horrible gardening summer,  I quit!!!

Did anyone else have a hard time in the garden this year?

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