Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Summer Adventures

The weather has been AMAZING and we are not wasting any moment of it. So far, we have had some really fun times!

Allison Krauss and Union Station at Chateau St. Michelle. 
Although we were a little let down at the amount of music played, we had a good time at the concert. 

 Mariners Game
Do you think he's excited?
Sammy's first picture taking experience.
 We got to meet the Moose and we were are nervous as we look.
 Edmonds Beach and Lynnwood Rec Center with the Frandsens
After spending a wonderful morning at the beach, we cooled off at the Lynnwood pool with Jane, Ashley and baby Nolan. What a blast!

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Colton said...

Haha, that picture of you meeting Moose cracks me up. I'm glad you're enjoying the nice weather while you can, I'm probably not going to make it up there like I originally hoped.