Friday, May 04, 2012

Week in Instagram - 1

1. My smiling boy. 2. Sam's giraffe with pom poms from his party. 3. The kitty, Princess. She's a lazy one. 4. Sam sleeping in our room. Lately he has been waking up early (ever since we took away the binkies) but he crawls into bed with me and sleeps a couple more hours. I love it. 5. The "gold" painted Space Needle. 6. Thai food. I never get tired of it. 7. Sam and Mommy on a date. 8. Jan's maple. (more to blog on this) 9. Broody hen, Dotty. 10. Our new room design. 11. The ladies waiting for corn. 12. Sam and his new football. 13. Watching 3D movies. 14. Brimley, the greatest pup! 15. Somersault Superman. 16. Tub toys.

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