Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mother's Day

The day started out with a delicious breakfast in bed and Allison Krauss tickets. What a great way to wake up, right?!

After soaking up every bit of guilt free stay-in-bed-and-read-a-book time, we all went out into the back yard and relaxed in the sunshine.

While the chickens pecked away at the lawn, we had some quality family time sun bathing, playing in the pool and wrestling in the grass. It was perfect.

When dinner time came we drove to my parents' house with Matt's dad, Ben, and had an outdoor barbecue and s'more roasting.

Mothers Day 110
Dad and our friend Karl played guitars around the fire while the rest of us sang along. (Got a pic of my Dad, but didn't get a single shot of my Mom....on MOTHER'S day. Oops.)
Mothers Day 113

Sam got in on the action and we set up the scene to make it look like a vagabond band playing for dough.

Mothers Day 101

Although it was a great day, we sure missed Jan. Not only was this week Mother's day, it would have been her 50th birthday. We miss her a lot.

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Shannon Hunnex said...

wow. only 50.

love u babe, im going to Allison Krauss tooooOoooooOooo!!! we should go together!!