Friday, November 11, 2011

The Big Boy

Sam has done a lot of growing up in the past month. It really took us by surprise.
First of all, Sam is officially potty trained. No diapers ever again! He doesn't even have them on at night any more. He is amazing at going to the bathroom when he needs and he has even started to go on his own without asking for help or telling us "mommy, daddy, I pee!" The greatest sound in the world is a toilet flushing from your 2 year old.
We started a sticker chart that really motivated him to go potty on his own. He gets a sticker every time he goes and when the chart is full he gets a new toy.
Last week he chose a Bucket-o-Farm Animals for his prize. He used the chart to "pay" for the toy at Target.
This is a very exciting concept for him and I think we'll use the same idea for nights without a binky.
Secondly, Sam is now in a big boy bed! We finally got around to rearranging his room so that it suited our toddler, instead of our baby. He still had a crib and a changing table in there.

When we showed him his "new" bed, he was thrilled and spent hours playing in it and even took his first big boy nap. Last night was his first night in the big boy room and it was a big success!
Show me a big boy smile, Sam!
Show me your big boy undies, Sam! (with Buzz Lightyear, of course.)

Give me a thumbs up!
Show me your big boy dance!
Now go to sleep! (He loves to pretend snore.)
Such a big boy!

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