Monday, April 18, 2011

Sam's 2nd Birthday Party

BDay 008

Although its not official until the 26th, we celebrated Sam turning 2 this weekend with all of our favorite people.

Because of Sam's obsession with "Woody" we had a cowboy themed party. It was so fun! We had hats and bandannas and all of the kids got kits complete with squirt guns and harmonicas.

Sam LOVED opening gifts. It was so great to watch him rip open the paper and get so excited at all the cool new things he was given.

He got all of his favorite things. Books, cars, Toy Story stuff, giraffes, bubbles and shoes. What a spoiled little boy!

Giraffes! He is still very much in love with this animal.bday
All the boys enjoyed the new toys. Sam was fairly good about sharing...
Sam's 2nd 137
Sam with Woody's hat in his mouth. Goof.Sam's 2nd 173
My dad. A pretty legit cowboy.Sam's 2nd 156
Sam and his new toys. He has yet to stop playing with these.
Sam's 2nd 142
Papa and Tutu brought him books and movies.
Sam's 2nd 154
He wanted to experience them right away :)
Sam's 2nd 155
Sheriff Eli!
Sam's 2nd 068
Matt and Preston opening up the Car toys.Sam's 2nd 143
Mommy the cowgirl having fun!
Sam's 2nd 017
Cowboy Knox.
 Sam's 2nd 081
Baby Tyler couldn't make it to the party so big boy Tyler decided that the cowboy kit was his.
Sam's 2nd 065
Sam eating cake with Auntie.Sam's 2nd 061
Cowboy Chase.
Sam's 2nd 057
Sam's 2nd 003
Two little Indians!Sam's 2nd 010
Thank you to everyone that was able to attend! We are so thankful for all of our friends and family. Sam is one lucky dude to have such cool people around!

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