Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Today was like any other.

We woke up too early after a long night of Trump Roasting.

We shielded our sleepy eyes away from the piles of chores begging to be accomplished.

We watched too much tv and ate too much junk food.

We yelled at dumb dogs and "forgot" to do the dishes.

Some fought for naps. Others fought against them.

We cried. We laughed. We slept.

And we are none the wiser or more accomplished.

But now Sam is fast asleep on the floor (after an exhausting game with his sticker book) imprinting messy carpet bumps into his bubble cheeks. I have finally finished some work and Matt is at Home Depot in an attempt to find things to improve our neglected home.

Oh yeah, Matty is finally on break from school and I cant wait to spend some much needed time with the him. I CANT WAIT.

I leave you with this, my son, laid back reading a book about Cars while waiting for his Mommy to finish taking pictures of other peoples kids.

Gotta love him.
Gideon Alvin 1180


Colton said...

Haha, I love that picture of him!

And now I'm really wondering, what is "Trump Roasting"?

Momma J said...

I hear you. We live for the quarter breaks!!

Enjoy your hubby! Hope you 3 can go do something fun together.

I just love pictures of kids reading, you sure have a cutie!

Stepper the Mighty said...

Ah, the inner battle between productivity and lethargy during holiday breaks! I read you, I read you.

But yay for husbands being home! Isn't that just the best? And always way too short?

And that pic of Sam is adorable. I love your lamp.