Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Reptile Expo

On Saturday I met up with my parents and Sam at the Reptile Expo in Seattle.

IT WAS AMAZING. I'm pretty sure that the Heaven that is waiting for me has a room full of colorful little creatures for me to play with just like this event. We had so much fun.

Sam really enjoyed himself. It should come as no surprise that he is as interested in reptiles as Matt and I are. He also has no fear. He touched a python that could have swallowed him whole. Seriously.

He thought the chameleon perched up high was really cool. 1
The "Chameleon Man" was very excited to show Sam his lizard collection and answer all of our questions. He too believes that one day Sam may become a herpetologist . March 696

March 783
"There-hees." (Translation-"There he is!" pointing to the chameleon)March 776
Blue Tongued Skinks. I want one.March 773
Super fuzzy tarantulas. March 770
Baby tree python. These grow up to be so pretty. But yikes. Look at the price.March 768
Sam walked around the entire time making snake noises and saying "baby" at all the little reptiles.March 763
The pretty color hybrids for Milk Snakes. March 759
Sam checking out the Mexican Jeweled lizard. Not very pretty, but very acrobatic. The thing nearly did a back flip trying to get out of the tank.March 739
Baby King Snakes. Or Milk Snakes. In all that time I spent there I didnt learn the difference...
March 738
Gila Monsters. I think these are some pretty radical lizards. But poisonous so I these were not a temptation to bring home.March 736
Leopard Tortoise. Have you ever seen something so adorable!? It was really hard for my Mom to leave the Expo without one of these in her purse.March 735
My mom will have one of these one day. Mark my words, DAD. March 730
The underbelly of a Red Knee Tarantula. I didn't get a good picture of the fangs, but it was cool to be able to see them so close without the fear of feeling them.March 728
Albino Python. So gorgeous. March 718
A tiny Gecko.
March 716
Snake food. Poor little things. I wanted to take one home and save it. And then I remembered I don't really like mice all that much...
March 712
Some awesome colored Corn Snakes. I love how this vendor had them displayed.
March 708
A Red Hybrid Beardie. It made me miss Tina a little. But only a little.
March 701

I can not stress enough how hard it was for me to walk out of the Expo without a new reptile friend. From turtles to snakes, I wanted them all. But I guess Ill have to get my reptile fix by going to the next Expo in April. I am so excited already!!
March 794

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