Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Grease is the word.

Once upon a time there were 2 people that really liked each other so they started dating. The girl wanted to audition for a part in the Broadway musical Grease but the boy wanted to spend more time with the girl. So he said no and she cried. He realized he was mean and decided to supported her in her dream to be on stage.

He drove her to the Theater and when the director saw the couple she shouted to the boy "Yay! You are perfect!"

"No, I'm not auditioning, she is." He said pointing to the girl.
The director sulked. "Darn it. We are low on guys and you look just the part."
"That would fix everything!" Said the girl to the boy. "We wouldn't miss out on time together and I would get to fulfill my dream!"

The next day the boy (after a ton of pressure from the girl he liked) auditioned for a part in Grease.

4 days later the parts were cast and both the boy and the girl received main parts.

Its amazing what a boy will do for a girl, huh?!

Yup, Its us! "Sonny" and "Sandy" 5 years ago.
Computer 1006
"I got ol' lady Lynch again for English."
Grease 005
"Summer lovin' happened so fast."
Grease 012
"I'll believe THAT when I see it."
Grease 068
"Does she got a friend?"
Grease 031
"Tell me about it, stud."
Grease 192
"You're the one that I want!"
Grease 200
Last weekend Matty and I got to experience Grease all over again when we saw it live at the Paramount Theater. Thank you Ben and Jan for the tickets! What a perfect Christmas gift!

We had so much fun. It was so hard not to sing and dance along (even though the lady next to us did just that) but it was so much fun to reminisce about all the good times we had with the cast and production of Grease 5 years ago.

MATTY, don't you dare delete this post. :)


Stepper the Mighty said...

Yay, I was there!

ltdsti129 said...

Damn it. You've gone too far. There will be repercussions.

Michelle Williams said...

That is true love! You married a keeper. And go girl you were GOOD!.

Colton said...

Haha, Matt...I had no idea that you were this awesome. Or at least I had forgotten.

I also like how Holly just played like her part in the play was a given if she auditioned.

Sabs said...

oooh i love it!!! you two really are perfect! Glad to see a blast from your past:)