Monday, December 06, 2010

Colton comes to visit

Matt's good friend Colton came to visit us after Thanksgiving. He was only able to stay a few days, so we packed them full of Seattle stuff. We visited the Fish Locks, Kerry Park, Dick's, The Aquarium and Deception Pass. We had tons of fun.
11-28-10 639
Sam could not figure out the Diver in the aquarium. He stared at her for probably 5 minutes in a trance. Silly boy.
11-28-10 683
11-28-10 720
11-28-10 699
Stella 002
Stella 028Stella 026
Stella 054
Stella 048Stella 044Stella 036
Stella 113
Stella 080Stella 077
Stella 109Stella 086

Stella 094


Colton said...

That was such fun. Thanks a brazilian for having me. Oh, and I discovered when the national Fisheries Society meeting is the first week in September. So, not exactly July, but I still think it is better than the end of November. I'm going to try and come again, that was so much fun!

P.S. I love your pictures. All of them. I'm going to remember this if I ever need the help of a photographer in the future. Ever.

Alix said...

that fish looks like it has teeth and i laughed out loud when i saw it... glad you had fun!!

The Grandy's said...

Too bad you didn't bind, gag, and force him into a prearranged marriage. I'm really sick of being the only one who keeps accidentally having kids. Isn't he great with kids?