Friday, December 31, 2010


Sam LOVES bubbles. He got a Bubble Gun from Daddy for Christmas, and its been so much fun to play with. Especially in the bath.
Bailey Dec 839


Bailey Dec 769
The gun has a blue light that makes the bubbles look pretty cool.
Bailey Dec 803

Bailey Dec 570

Bailey Dec 675

Bailey Dec 791
I hope life is always this fun (and cheap) for Sammy.

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Luke and Marissa said...

I love these pics! I just read your frustration post about photography too. I do the same thing to myself. I question whether I can be as creative as others, like yourself. I just want to quit taking pictures sometimes because I feel so inadequate. Even though I am not that good and wish I could be as good as you, I think, "I freaking love doing this! Screw it, good or not, I'm taking pictures!" haha Anyway, my point in that rambling, don't get frustrated. You're good and you have no reason to think otherwise. Please keep taking pictures.