Monday, March 15, 2010


A giant thank you to the following people for helping me out immensely with the successful surprise party for Matthew that took place on Friday. (so many pictures to come.)

First, a big thank you to my mom. She was there to talk me through all the plans leading up to the party and helped me out the entire day with Sam. She was there from set up to take down. She was such a huge help.

On to Mrs. Cox. Sarah went shopping with me, picked up balloons for me, helped me with decoration design and brought us all pizza during set up. Wow. I couldn't ask for a better friend!

Thanks to the About Face Band, and especially my dad. They put on a great show, and even learned a song just for Matty. Great work guys.

Thank you to the ELKS club for hosting the event. They were so great.

Ben and Jan are always willing to help and Matt's party was no exception. Ben made his signature dish "loompia" and picked up the cakes for me. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Not to mention that they bought Matt exactly what he wanted for his birthday.

Kyle and Mike saved the day! They took Matt out to dinner and then tricked him into showing up to his own surprise party with only a hint of suspicion. Thank you both!

Thank you Shauna for getting Matt's glasses for me, thank you to Shannon Demiter, Britni Hansen, Melissa Dillon, Alycia Loftus, Tiffany Aprecio, Kristi Tuita and anyone else I am forgetting for bringing food. There were so many goodies!

And thank you to EVERYONE who came and supported Matthew on his big 3-0!!


Colton said...

There were a lot of colors and fonts in there.

The Dillon 6 said...

it was fun...the kids are still talking about it.

My big hair scared me so much I went and cut it off.

Hope Matty was happy.

The Cox Trio said...

You have it all wrong darling, you are in fact the wonderful friend :-)