Thursday, March 18, 2010

30 years RAD!!!

Thats right! Matt turned 30 years old on Friday, March 12th. I figured he deserved a night full of embarrassing moments, tons of awesome friends, great food and oh yeah...a MAJOR flash back to 1980.
But before we get into pictures from the night (thank you to Alycia for taking most of them), here is how it all played out:

6:30pm - Kyle and Mike pick Matthew up to take him out to dinner.
7:00pm - Guests arrive for surprise party at the Elks Lodge in Lynnwood.
7:30pm - I call Matt explaining that my dad has thrown his back out unloading band equipment at a gig in Lynnwood.
7:35pm - My dad calls Matt asking for help.
7:45pm - Matt, Kyle and Mike arrive at the "gig" to help my dad with some heavy lifting.
7:46pm - Matt is surprised at the door by all his friends and family dressed in ridiculous 80's garb.
Let the party begin!
Such a totally awesome night! Happy birthday Matty!


whitney said...

how fun!

Colton said...

Whoa. I think that this was quite possibly the most amazing birthday party I have ever seen. I mean, besides on television or something.

Sabs said...

wow! y'all sure know how to party!

The Dillon 6 said...

it was a whole lotta fun!

Millie said...

It looked like all had a good time. Millie and I are jealous you 2 have so much fun. We will work harder at it.