Sunday, March 21, 2010

Seattle Dog Show

I was in HEAVEN last Saturday when we were able to attend the Seattle dog show to support Jan, Matt's mom, and her Brussles Griffon, Murphy. Courtney and I met Matt and Sam at the convention center, and we walked around for hours admiring all the different dog breeds.

Murphy did really good on Saturday, but had a harder time impressing the judges on Sunday. He is still number one in our book!
My favorite event was the agility competition. I would have loved to watch the Aussies do it, but we were only able to stay for the little dog event. It was fun anyway.
Sam loves dogs just as much as Matt and I do, and he kept saying "guh." "guh." (his version of dog) the whole day.
Maybe one day he'll show dogs just like his Nana Jan :)


Colton said...

That would be super interesting. I watched this movie parody of a dog show once...I don't remember what it was called. Maybe it was "Best of Breed" or something like that. Kind of inappropriate at times, but funny.

I just have to say that the dog jumping the little...whatever it is jumping looks like it doesn't have any legs. It looks like a pillow with a dog's head.

And your Aunt Jan's dog looks just like an ewok. At least Ewoks are cute.

Kristen Marie Photography said...

Haha awesome! My dad put that event on!