Tuesday, January 12, 2010


On Friday we had another consultation with the pediatric dermatologist regarding Sam's eczema. We have had lots of luck getting rid of the spots on his body, but there is an area on his cheeks that we just cant seem to beat.So far we have done food trials for allergies, we only wash his clothes with fragrance, soap, and dye free detergent, we limit baths, we use lotion after lotion with 5 different types of steroids and 2 types of skin barrier emulsions. We have tried over the counter meds and home remedies, but still he gets that rashy spot on his face.I am very worried about scarring. I had eczema pretty bad when I was a kid, and I have obvious scars on my neck from it. They have bothered me all my life and I hope that Sam wont have to deal with that, especially on his face.

We are on a new routine that seems to be improving the look of the spot, albeit slow. Its starting to look less red and dry. Hopefully we can knock it out with the new creams. The Dr thinks that there is a staph infection on top of it all, so we are treating him for that along with the eczema.
Hopefully things will clear up soon! Its so hard to think of how itchy and annoying these spots might be for him. But, he continues to be the happiest baby around!


Nicole said...

That little spot on his cheek has no comparison to how cute he is. I also had eczema as a child. Its no fun. Good Luck

Bart and Jill said...

So Holden has many food allergies and I found a treatment that will apply to Sam. There is a technique called NAET (http://www.naet.com/) that rids the body of allergies. And eczema is a side affect of allergies (not necessarily food, it could be pollutants, dander, shampoo, rubber, really it could be anything). By doing the treatment with a certified professional it clears the side effects. Holden will begin his treatments this week. I can let you know more if you are interested but it can change his life... he could get rid of the rash without taking medications,ointments, etc.

The Dillon 6 said...

with or without, he is SO stinkin' cute. Just like his parents!