Wednesday, January 06, 2010


As much as we LOVED 2009, we are very excited for all the fun things heading our way in 2010. To name a few, a big birthday for Matt, a first birthday for Sam, a trip to AZ to visit my family, a trip to Chicago to meet a Dr., hopefully some more trips just for fun, and lots of summer activities.

Our New Years weekend was packed full of fun. Matt and I managed to spend a lot of time together while Sam entertained his grandparents and friends.
On New Years Eve I was asked to run a photo booth for the Regional Singles dance in Seattle. Matt and I had a great time seeing friends and laughing about how lucky we are to be happily married and OUT of the singles ward :)
Here we are. Cheesy, awkward prom picture.
Relaxation and sleep was required on the first, but that night we attended a party hosted by our friends, the Nebekers. We played pictionary and opened gifts that told of our future in 2010. According to the fortunes, I will become obsessed with collecting rubber duckies, and bring a new baby into our family (well, maybe not this year...). Matt was informed that he will be traveling with the love of his life. He says I can come along too. :)
Then we were able to celebrate Brett's birthday by jumping our muscles sore at "Sky high."
10 minutes into the fun, a man broke his leg and they had to shut down the whole free-jump area. I wasn't too happy about that, but we got to play a fun game of dodge ball on the private court. Aim, fire, gloat.Me, throwing like the gender that I am.If 2010 is as much fun as the first week has been, we are in for a good year. And, since there has yet to be a picture of Sam, feast your longing eyes on this baby.


Colton said...

That trampoline place looks AWESOME! I can't believe that they HAVE places like that. Fun.

Was that singles' dance in a trash can? What's with the black plastic? Whose idea was that?

The Dillon 6 said...

ditto what Colton said ~ except I like the plastic bags...

And what kind of of Doc in Chicago??

The Aprecios said...

Yeah, I know. Crappy back drop. I guess the budget was pretty low.

The Dr we are going to meet is a specialist in NAIT. We are going to talk to her about getting pregnant again.

The Cox Trio said...

Holly, LOVE the bangs! I've been wanting to do that for a while now but don't have the guts... We really need to get together soon!!!

Crysler's said...

That looks so fun! I hope I get to see you on your AZ trip! I Miss you and still haven't met Sam!